Ghost Stories: October ’16

When we first planned out our themes for Windmill’s monthly digital issues, our editorial team knew the October theme had to be ghost stories. And while we knew we wanted ghost stories that would send chills up our spines, we also wanted pieces about things that haunt us, about unearthing what we normally keep buried.

This month, we offer you some twists on the good old campfire story. For fiction, we have Hunter Liguore’s “The Headstone of Hezikiah Bronson,” a story steeped in historical fiction told from the point of view of a headstone, and Robin Vigfusson’s “Housework,” a strange and unsettling tale of two sisters who use dreams as a way to communicate after one’s death. Our third fiction selection—Mark Brazaitis’s spookily funny psychological thriller, “Killer Cat”—was voted the story most likely to keep us up at night.

Our creative nonfiction offerings include two shorts by the fabulous Sean Prentiss—”Ghost Moose” and “A Night Song to Little Brown Bats”—both of which act as eerie elegies to vanishing creatures. Meanwhile, Melanie Conroy-Goldman’s essay “Caldera” focuses on the ghosts of war, and the way in which they can be passed along from person to person like a possession or a contagion.

A good ghost story is one that you can tell around a campfire, but a really great ghost story haunts the reader beyond the page. We offer you the following six tales; read on, if you dare…

Happy haunting,
The Windmill Team



“The Headstone of Hezikiah Bronson” by Hunter Liguore

“Housework” by Robin Vigfusson

“Killer Cat” by Mark Brazaitis



“Ghost Moose” and “A Night Song to Little Brown Bats” by Sean Prentiss

“Caldera” by Melanie Conroy-Goldman

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