Dear Betsy Part 2

By Rachel Moskowitz

Betsy DeVos is currently the United States Secretary of Education.  Ms. DeVos has no government experience and none of her children went through the public school system. In the past 5 years she has given 5.3 million dollars in political donations, specifically contributing to presidential candidates. If her proposed bills get passed and public schools begin to be defunded many families will not know what to do for their children and how to get them the best education. Defunding public schools would also mean the loss of many jobs for those that work in public schools, teachers, custodians, secretaries, hundreds of thousands of jobs.


Dear Betsy,

How have you been sleeping? Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Or when you finally fall asleep are you having nightmares? I am, and it is all thanks to you. Your proposed program for school vouchers is going to demolish the public education program. I am so happy that your children were able to attend a private school and could graduate college with no loans. Unfortunately, private school isn’t an option for most people, considering it costs about as much as college is. If we can’t pay for private school you bet we can’t cover college. An equal and decent education should be given to every child. We need public schools for those families that cannot afford private schools. Children need that socialization inside and outside of the classroom. They need math class and recess and if they do not receive this they are not going to thrive in the future. By demolishing the public education program you are demolishing these children’s futures.

Private school is not a feasible option for the majority of people. Many people pay their college loans off well into our 30’s maybe even 40’s. While I write a check for my daughters sweet 16 I may also be sending a check to finish up paying my student loans. I am sure it is nice going to sleep at night knowing that you don’t have money owed to the government. You are the minority here and you are about to become even more of a minority in the coming years if your proposal goes through. If children cannot go to a public elementary school in the neighborhood they are starting life out at a severe disadvantage.

You also are getting rid of thousands of jobs if there are no more public school teachers. Private schools and charter schools do not provide the same salary or benefit as a public school does. These jobs are very different and they are not for everyone. I personally want to work in a public school and not in a charter school. Getting rid of public schools hurts the children’s future lives as well as a teacher’s present life. Please think about the majority of society and think hard before you try and defund public education.


A struggling college student


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