Dear Betsy Part 3

By Rachel Moskowitz

Betsy DeVos is currently the United States Secretary of Education.  Ms. DeVos has no government experience and none of her children went through the public school system. In the past 5 years she has given 5.3 million dollars in political donations, specifically contributing to presidential candidates. In her proposed Bill 610 she suggests the abolishment of the Nutritional Act of 2012 (No Hungry Kids Act), which provides nutritional standards in school breakfast and lunch. For many students, this may be the only meal they have that day, and especially one with nutritional value.


Dear Betsy,

How was your lunch? Did you have a nice balanced plate, some fruits and vegetables? Must be nice because one of your bills would eliminate the Nutritional Act of 2012, or the No Hungry Kids Act as many know it. This act provides thousands with breakfast and lunch daily. Without proper nutrition it makes it very difficult for children to focus in school. If a parent cannot provide for their child this child is going to be at a disadvantage before they even get into the classroom. While other students will have had breakfast and are ready for the day this child has not eaten anything and is already behind his fellow classmates.

I believe that schools in underserved neighborhoods should provide breakfast, lunch and a snack to their students that need it. A breakfast as simple as a box of cereal and an apple can change that child’s day. Having the proper nutrition will give them that energy they need for their classes.

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is in place to make sure that to children have nutritious school meals every day. NSLP provides funding that makes it possible for schools to offer a nutritious school lunch. Schools receive Federal funds for each breakfast and lunch served, provided that the meal meets established nutrition standards. Programs like this make it possible for a child to succeed, please don’t take this away from them.

I understand that you and your family have never had to go through this and I am glad that you didn’t. But for a large group of families this is a real concern and issue they face every day. I urge you to consider everyone when you propose these bills. All I ask is that you think about those with much less and what we can do to help them succeed not hold them back.



A student who was lucky enough to eat breakfast this morning


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