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Now open for submissions for “The Holiday Issue: 2017”

The holidays can be a time of merriment, love, and laughter; of memories; of loneliness and longing. We are looking for stories that take place during the holiday season.

For our holiday issue, we are looking for your best pieces that are center around this theme. We are particularly interested in fiction and nonfiction pieces that explore and redefine the art of good storytelling and narration while illuminating ideas with breadth, depth, and the human condition.

Pieces should be between 1,500 words to 2,500 words in length, double-spaced, and in a readable 12pt font. You may submit multiple pieces at once, but be aware that only one may be selected. If you submit to multiple places at once, it is your responsibility to contact us if your pieces got accepted by another publisher. Pieces should be previously unpublished. Feel free to add a cover letter.

Visit our Submittable page for more information on how to submit.


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