Wind & Mill Prize, Winter 2017

To celebrate out inaugural issue, Windmill held two contests with a prize of $500 attached to each. Team Windmill is made up of both undergraduate and MFA students, and we wanted our prizes to reflect our commitment to fostering strong student writers.

Initially, we used “Wind” and “Mill” as placeholder titles for the prizes, until we realized these names genuinely reflected what we hoped the prizes would reward: Mill, our undergraduate prize, references the hard work of grinding (and, at times, pulverizing) our pages, feeding them through the workshop process until the grain turns into flour. Wind, our graduate prize, brought to mind the constant power and push required when undertaking a graduate degree in creative writing, and the need to harness and direct that power in order to create.

In both prizes, our judges looked for incredible narrative and strong story-telling, regardless of genre. We thank our esteemed judges—Julia Markus, Martha McPhee, Stephen Russell, and Paul Zimmerman—for their time and attention, and for making the difficult decision of choosing the winners out of a very competitive crowd.


The Wind Prize:
“Glazed” by A. Lyn Carol

The Mill Prize:
“The Seawater Lighthouse: An Annotated History” by Collin Van Son

Please check back for information on how to submit to the next Wind & Mill Prize. Click here to check out the previous guidelines for submission.